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Lyndon aka LC

Howdy! I’m Lyndon. Thanks for stopping by.

Why this site?

I’m a geek obsessed with mountain biking.

I often have questions that are tough to find answers for. Questions like:

  • Fox 36 Float…how does the HSC/LSC dampener compare with the less configurable FIT4 dampener? What about the blacked-out “Perfomance” model vs. Kashima?


Sometimes these answers can be found buried in a forum. Sometimes they can be found in YouTube videos.

However, often times I find forums have too much information from prior years to weed through. If you’re not an expert at Googling that ain’t fun.

I also find I would rather not waste time watching the whole length of some YouTube vids.

So where can I easily find current, niche, mountain bike info?

I couldn’t find a good source so I’m making one. Right here.


Site articles are categorized as follows: Reviews, Ride Guides, and Tech.

Reviews are exactly that. Mountain bike related product reviews.

Bikes, components, consumables, apparel, protection, helmets, and so on.

All in due time.

Ride Guides - Discovering new areas without someone who’s been there before can be one of the joys of mountain biking. Often times I find I just want to go somewhere new but not waste time staring at Trailforks.

These guides will give you a general review of an area and provide helpful tips such as:

  1. Where to park.
  2. What are good trails to do and in what order.
  3. Post-ride food recommendations.

Tech - General and lesser-known MTB knowledge.

Article/Review Requests

I have a queue of articles that I’m working on publishing. If you have a particular request for a review or guide, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

So How’d You Get The Name Loose Crank?

It started back when I was a n00b rider.

One day my buddy Matt and I were out at one of our favorite shuttle areas, Mt. Seymour.

As we began our first lap, something told me I should just take it easy. Some sinking feeling in my gut was telling me to be careful.

The guys in my group—and now myself as one of them—are really good about pausing often when we have new riders with us; to give them a chance to catch their breath and stay relaxed.

I got through Corkscrew and Power Line okay and we stopped for a breather at the road.

That’s when it happened. As we set off toward Pingu, 3 pedal strokes in, stepping down on my next stroke, my crank arm fell off. I almost fell on my handlebar.

After a brief what-the-s#it moment we laughed hard as we found my crank arm 10 feet back in the middle of the road.

Ever since then the guys just called me “LC”.


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I'm an avid mountain biker and web developer. When I'm not riding I'm daydreaming of riding. Being a technically minded person I extend my analyses of MTB related things to you through writing.

Riding Styles: Enduro, Downhill

Preferred Terrain: Steep tech

Current Steed: 2017 Devinci Troy

Location: Beautiful Vancouver, BC 🇨🇦

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