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Introducing, Bikebot

Mountain Biking Is Not A Cheap Sport

I like having both a trail bike and a downhill bike. In carbon, wherever possible.

When it’s hot I wear an open face helmet. When I go somewhere gnarly I wear a full face.

I have wet weather gear and dry weather gear. Of course, that includes wet and dry weather shoes.

I don’t usually wear jerseys, but I do like wearing mtb specific shorts.

When stuff breaks, I try to fix it ASAP. New parts required? Miss a weekend of riding? Absolutely not.

My point? Mountain biking can be kinda expensive.

Carbon wheels? Yeah․․․those aren't expensive․․․yeaaah.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be too costly. Owning one bike is fine. It can be used, and an older model, and you can still shred and send it. You don’t have to have gear for every situation. Make due with what you’ve got and you’ll still have a blast.

However, having the gear can be one of the enjoyable parts of mountain biking. Currently, my biking hobby operates on a budget. But, my friends do seem to notice when I get new gear, and that it seems to happens somewhat often.

How do I make this happen? What is my secret?

No big secret. It’s simply online sales. I did, however, used to have a pretty good bookmark system for checking when stuff goes on sale. Used to. Now, I’ve taken that system several leaps further to create an online app: the Bikebot.

What is Bikebot?

On a daily basis, Bikebot gathers prices from online bike retailers and loads them into one handy interface.

From this interface, you can quickly sort, filter, compare prices, and find the best prices on mtb gear. Search results pages can be bookmarked so you can go back to them them whenever you want.

So what are you waiting for?

Treat yourself to some new gear with fresh colors. Upgrade that spongy 2010 Boxxer. Replace that helmet you used to spontaneously pack down the trail with.

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